Friday, February 1, 2013

Football Trip: Dallas

Football Trip to Dallas

In November of 2010, I went on my first football trip that required air travel.  The goal here is to hopefully have visited every NFL city. 

To make the most of it, we try and go to at least two sporting events during our visit.  This trip featured the Dallas Stars vs the Colorado Avalanche on Saturday, and the Dallas Cowboys vs the Detroit Lions on Sunday.  A couple of the guys got to go to a Mavericks game on the Friday night as well.  

While we were there it was during the anniversary of the JFK assassination.  

X marks the spot.  The X's on the road mark the two locations where the President was 
when the bullets struck.  (click on the picture for a larger version)

No, we weren't at a Leafs game.  We just happened to be sitting behind a whole row of Leafs fans. 
 We're everywhere!  Needless to say, it made for a good time.

Stretching out before a shift at Hooters.

Stadium where the Cowboys play in Arlington, Texas.

Our host, Matt, hunted the fowl for the kebabs.  One of the pieces had 
buckshot still in it!

Venison sausages!

Home made BBQ made from a vegetable oil drum.  Perfect for tailgating.

Local Brews.  This still remains the best tailgating experience we've had on the road.

Also this is the first and only time we actually had a tailgate to tailgate with!

17% Alcohol bombs.  The liqour store guy told us to drink these to feel good. 
 I think there's a message on this bottle that says that they are not to be exported outside
 of the state of Texas.

This wasn't a premium game, so tickets were a little easier to come by.  
We ended up getting great seats.


It's Jerry!

Happy hour at our hotel after the game.



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