Saturday, February 2, 2013

Football Trip: Boston

Football trip to Boston

December 2011 trip to Boston.  During this trip we had the opportunity to watch the Leafs vs the Bruins.  That game wasn't so great, as the Leafs were pushed around and were never really in the game.  On the Sunday it was the New England Patriots vs the Indianapolis Colts.
In the distance is the Patriots train that we took to Foxboro to watch the game.  It's a direct $15
ride from downtown Boston to the stadium.  About an hour's ride.

A home was on fire just down the street from the rail station and the area was beginning
to fill with smoke.

You gotta go to Cheers, right?  This is the tourist trap Cheers.

View from the press box at Fenway.

Vito and Derek walking around the Green Monster at Fenway.

Walking around the Green Monster.

"Occupy Harvard" was going on during the time we were there as with the
other "occupy" movements around the world.  The school reacted by closing the grounds
to the public.  This was a letter written in protest to that action.

The view from our seats.

Gillette Stadium

After the game, we met someone who works for the Bruins.  I believe the Bruins ordered
the most ever copies of their Stanley Cup rings.  I forget his name but this guy worked
in the marketing department dealing with season ticket holders.  He was apprehensive about letting
us handle the ring, but came around.  Pretty cool.

Inside the ring, the engraved logo of all the teams the Bruins beat to win the
Stanley Cup.



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