Sunday, May 19, 2013

CBR250R slip on exhaust

Leo Vince LV One EVO II slip on exhaust for CBR250R

Leo Vince installation instructions, dyno charts and schematic drawings click here

Bought and installed a used Leo Vince LV One EVO II exhaust today.  With this being my first motorcycle this is becomes my first motorcycle mod.  

Installation was dead simple, the stock exhaust comes off with the removal of a couple of screws and a bolt.  "Slip on" the new exhaust, fasten two bolts and you're set!  

Before I started, I disconnected the battery to reset the ECU.  There's debate on weather or not this is required, but it's such a simple procedure that you might as well do it to be sure.  

My stock exhaust was painted black to match the rest of the bike, but it's still big and ugly.  The Leo Vince looks great and is about 15lbs lighter than the stock exhaust is.

The exhaust comes with two baffles, a large loud insert and a smaller, quieter one.  The previous owner had the smaller one in and I left it as is. I wasn't interested in something that would wake up the neighbourhood.  The exhuast is louder than stock, but not ridiculously loud.  I was going to record and post a video to demonstrate the sound, but there are plenty of examples on YouTube that can be found.   None of them compare to hearing it in real life though.

I didn't really notice any power gains, I wasn't expecting much though.  Perhaps when the ECU remaps, there will be a difference between this and the stock exhaust.

Overall, it's a relatively inexpensive mod.  Very easy to install and very easy to revert back to stock.  It makes the bike look better and more fun to ride!

This is how the stock exhaust looked, painted black.

Edit May 29, 2013:  I traded in the CBR250R yesterday in favour of a new ride.  So this exhaust, while it's only 2-3 weeks old for me, is for sale.  If you're reading this and you want it, contact me!

Edit June 3, 2013:  Exhaust Sold.  I put my stock exhaust back on today.  I hope the new owner enjoys it as much as I did.  I really got used to the sound and I think the motorcycle was much more enjoyable with it on.


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